Vicci Rollinson - Tornadoes and GB Defensive Lineman

Vicci Rollinson: World Championships Player Profile

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Our very own defensive lineman Vicci Rollinson will be delivering some big hits when she takes to the field in Canada with team GB at the Women’s World Championships.

Vicci began her football career four years ago after a rugby teammate and friend convinced her to give the sport ago (and can I just quickly say thank you friend!).

During her time with the Tornadoes Vic has enjoyed the continuous team banter from the players and coaches alike and can often be found begging our Defensive Coordinator Coach Ovey to let her play Safety or DB (The Lineman Dream!).

Despite being interested in playing the sport, Vicci, rather suprisingly, doesn’t support a professional team. However at a push she says she’d choose the New York Giants, which is rather fitting as she turns into the Hulk as soon as she takes to the field!

While working as a security duty manager, which mostly consists of night shifts, Vicci can find it difficult to balance both work and football, nevertheless her passion for the sport keeps her motivated at training and game face ready on tournament days. Along with her busy schedule Vicci aims to train three times a week incorporating both football related training and weightlifting in the gym.

Vic would be the first to admit she doesn’t always get her 5-a- day but this won’t stop this machine from representing team GB in Canada. Head coach Tom Roberts had the following to say:

As far as I'm concerned a person with Vicci's mentality is one of a kind. Having seen her heroics, guts, and god given will dominate up close with both the Tornadoes and GB, it would be a surprise if she doesn't cause quite the stir at the World Championships.

From all us here back home we wish you the very best, take in every moment while your there, I’m sure you’ll be having an absolute ball.