Amanda Humphrey: World Championship Player Profile

Many thanks to Andy Neale – Whizzyfingers Photography for the featured image. To see more of his work you can click this LINK

The team’s longest serving player Amanda (a.k.a. Panda) Humphrey will be taking the field in Canada. This outside linebacker has been playing American Football since the start of women’s American football league.

Panada got involved in the sport after Jim Messenger approached her and asked if she and the Sirens (the Hertfordshire University Cheerleaders) would consider ditching the pompoms and throwing on some football pads!

Since joining the Tornadoes she has loved the buzz she gets from putting on the kit and the adrenaline rush she gets when she takes to the field on game days. The added fact of Nadoes Nandos after a hard training on a Saturday (the Tornadoes love their Nandos) has ensured Pandas return each season.

Panda is a supporter of the Baltimore Ravens (Purple through and through) and has been fortunate enough to meet the legend that is Ray Lewis!

What makes this player a superstar on the pitch is her super speed and in-depth knowledge of the game allowing her to read the game and react fast (all those questions in training have really paid off). She is one of the team’s role models and can always be trusted to give a solid pep talk.

Panda is one of the Teachers on the team. Mrs Humphrey teaches P.E (Obviously) and can often find it difficult balancing work/social life and football, luckily her husband also shares a sporty lifestyle and understands the dedication and sacrifice it takes playing at this level. Thankfully Football is a part of Panda’s social life, however, on many occasions she has had to re-balance her work/social/football life to ensure that she isn’t spread too thin. Panda maintains that “without a brilliant network of people helping in the journey, I’m not sure I’d cope”

Panda is very active; obviously, this comes with her job especially with student fixtures after school and in addition to Tornadoes training twice a week she attends the gym around three times per week. Her workouts vary throughout the season; mid-season training consists of all round cardio and lifting sessions. Like several people, panda can find the gym a little boring at times and sometimes opts for outdoor exercises and workouts involving tyres, ropes, hills and ladders.

Panda’s diet is nutritious all year round but coming up to the Women’s World Championships she has increased her food intake especially when it comes to fish, chicken and carbs. These foods allow her to gain her desired weight while remaining agile.