The Ovey Update

Catching up with Defensive Coordinator Charlie Ovey

With Sapphire series well underway our coaching staff is traditionally tied down and focused on the goal of winning the national championship. However from time to time opportunities present themselves that are too hard to turn down, as is the case for our Defensive Coordinator Charlie Ovey.

Before we dive into some Q&A I’d just like to thank you for taking some time to give us a little update and insight into your exciting news, now let’s get to it!

Q:  All signs point to you trading one team in purple and black for another. Where are you going?! And what do you expect to get up to?
A:  I’ll be heading to Kenyon College in Ohio for their spring camp, to learn from the coaching staff and hopefully do some coaching myself.

Q:  Have you set yourself any goals or aspirations for this opportunity?
A:  I’m not going with any expectations or goals beyond just hoping to get as much knowledge and experience out of this opportunity as I can, and bring it back to Britball with the various teams I’m involved with. Hopefully I will build great relationships with the players and coaches out there.

Q:  I have no doubts that you will! Will you have any time for additional travelling / tourism?
A:  I have a week after practice ends before my return flight. I have some family friends in the area, as well as a few former teammates, who I’d like to catch up with!

Q:  Having been with the Tornadoes since September, and having a big impact on the team from get go, what has been your takeaways from the season so far?
A:  I’ve been amazed at the levels of skill the players have. For a sport that hasn’t been played by women in the UK for very long, there are some incredibly skilled players on the Tornadoes (and others teams) roster. Some of the best players I’ve seen play for the Tornadoes, and that’s pretty cool. Its been fantastic to see football being played at such a high level and to have been a part of that.

Q:  Could you please explain the ‘Juice’ phenomenon for those not in the know.
A:  I was fortunate enough to spend last senior season playing for the Tamworth Phoenix, and Juice is something we talk about there a lot. Its something Defensive Coordinator Jason Scott (also a coach for the Derby Braves Women’s team) encountered when he was in the states, he bought it back and I bought into that idea 100% and wanted to use it with the next team I was with. All the credit goes to everyone with the Phoenix! #TURNUP #BDN

Q:  What is it about coaching that you get the most enjoyment out of?
A:  I love watching a player new to the sport ‘get it’, figure out what they should be doing and then do it properly. That makes the long hours worthwhile! Spending time with players, realising what I as a coach can do to put them in the best position to succeed and make plays is pretty great. And watching a blitz you drew up in the dirt 5 minutes before pay off massively is pretty fun too.

Q:  Is there anything else you’d like to say before you depart?
A:  #GoNadoes #CrushPink

Thanks again for your time Charlie, you will be missed and we hope to have you back on our sideline soon! We wish you absolute best of luck and trust that #TheJuiceIsOnTheLoose