Sport England backs the Tornadoes

Sport England award The Hertfordshire Tornadoes £9,764  to help develop Women’s American Football in London and Home Counties.

The Hertfordshire Tornadoes are just about to begin their sixth season in the Women’s British American Football League, and are bidding for their third national championship. They’ve just had their bid bolstered by a Sport England grant worth £9,764.

The development of women’s sport is a real focus for Sport England, as can be seen by the incredibly successful This Girl Can campaign from 2015. What’s great about American Football is that women of all different sizes and body types are essential on the field. Also, as the sport is in its early stages, women with no previous experience are coming into the sport and developing into successful athletes in a supportive environment.

In some six short years, Women’s American Football has grown from a sport where just a handful of women were playing, to a sport that now has hundreds of women are playing around the UK.

In 2015 the Great Britain Women’s team even found success on the international stage, winning a Silver medal in the European Championships, besting well established Sweden and Germany along the way – countries that have been playing the sport for decades. The Tornadoes contributed significantly to both the coaching staff and playing squad for the Championships.

With the grant from Sport England, the Hertfordshire Tornadoes plan to support more women to try, and succeed at, this new sport. With the majority of the grant going on American Football kit, including the famous helmet and shoulder pads, the entry costs for players will be significantly reduced. Also included within the grant are funds to send players on coaching qualifications, as the team recognises the importance not only of developing players but also coaches of the future.